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Campaign rhetoric (and a lot of political coverage) too often features more heat than light. The Ohio Valley ReSource put the spotlight on some of the important election issues for our region with these stories on coal’s collapse, trade’s effects, the addiction crisis, and more.

The Addiction Battle and the Ballot

Alexandra Kanik | Ohio Valley ReSource

The region’s opioid drug crisis –with some of the country’s highest rates of overdoses and addiction — has become a campaign issue. Aaron Payne looks at what regional candidates are proposing and what this election might mean for those fighting the opioid epidemic.

Fossil Feud: The Clean Power Play

Alexandra Kanik | Ohio Valley ReSource

As West Virginia led the legal challenge against the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan, Glynis Board profiled Patrick Morrisey, the controversial attorney general closely associated with that case.

Trading Places: Ohio Valley Views on Trade

trading-places-quoteAlexandra Kanik | Ohio Valley ReSource

With free trade playing a major role in the presidential election Becca Schimmel visited two Kentucky companies just 30 miles apart. We found their views on free trade are worlds apart. Who wins and who loses with free trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

White Stuff: Writers on the White Working Class

white-stuff-quoteAlexandra Kanik | Ohio Valley ReSource

The angry populism and deep discontent on display this election year have writers taking a new look at the condition of the white working class. Jeff Young spoke with three writers exploring this often overlooked segment of the electorate.

Justice Delayed: WV Gov. Candidate Hasn’t Paid $15M in Taxes, Fines

justice-delayedAlexandra Kanik | Ohio Valley ReSource

In this investigative partnership with NPR, Benny Becker found that West Virginia gubernatorial candidate Jim Justice’s coal operations owe millions in taxes and have not repaired damaged mine lands, causing hardship for many communities.

Shafted: Retired Miners Face Benefits Cuts

shafted-miners-quoteAlexandra Kanik | Ohio Valley ReSource

Thousands of retired union coal miners in the region could lose health and pension benefits if Congress does not act to shore up a fund supporting the “cradle-to-grave” benefits promised long ago.