Coronavirus Health

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear on Wednesday announced the highest one-day total of new coronavirus cases — 2,700. The new record follows two weeks of sharply escalating spread of the virus. 

Earlier this week, Beshear asked again that people follow the state’s mask mandate to stop the spread and to especially protect older adults, including veterans living in veterans homes, who are more vulnerable to the virus. 

From a video recording, Gov. Beshear confirmed 14 new deaths. More than 1,600 Kentuckians have died from the COVID-19.  

The previous one day record reported 2,318 cases. For weeks, Gov. Beshear has repeatedly warned that the growing number of cases is dangerous. 

“This entire state is in danger, it is absolutely everywhere. We also have a positivity rate that continues to increase,” he said. The state’s positivity rate, a measure of the percentage of tests that show a coronavirus infection, jumped to 8.12%.

The number of Kentuckians hospitalized has risen to 1,274. As of this week, more than 70 percent of Kentucky’s hospital beds are in use, according to the Kentucky Hospital Association. 

The situation could reach critical heights as winter approaches and more cases are confirmed. Hospitalizations have spiked since October. 

The Ohio Valley ReSource’s COVID Data Tracker for Kentucky is available here.

Corinne Boyer covers health issues for the ReSource from partner station WEKU in Richmond, KY.