As COVID-19 continues to spread across the region, we will continue to bring you coverage of the effects the virus has on our community. Read our stories and go to our trackers to get the latest information on the level of spread and vaccinations in the Ohio Valley.
COVID-19 Stories

Online SNAP Program Could Increase Food Accessibility In Ohio Valley

Kentucky and West Virginia have recently been added to a federal pilot program to allow food stamp recipients to purchase groceries online, and Ohio Valley anti-hunger advocates say it’s a good move to improve food accessibility amid the coronavirus pandemic. The pilot program lets those receiving food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to […]

Kentucky, Ohio To Keep Schools Closed Through Spring To Avoid Coronavirus Spread

The governors of Kentucky and Ohio announced Monday that K-12 schools will remain closed and instruction will continue remotely for the remainder of this school year.  Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said during his daily press conference Monday that the state appears to have flattened the curve of COVID-19 cases. But the virus remains and sending […]

Demand Soars At Food Banks While Farmers Have Too Much Food

Food banks and pantries across the Ohio Valley are seeing spiked demand as an unprecedented surge of people continue to file for unemployment benefits, with food banks facing weeks long delays to get certain products. Meanwhile, some farmers are facing a financial crisis, sitting on excess food they can’t sell — food that could be […]

The Pandemic Primary: How Will We Vote In The Age Of Coronavirus?

With concerns mounting about how to conduct elections during a pandemic, states across the Ohio Valley are postponing their primary election dates and, in some cases, expanding access to voting by mail in order to allow people to cast ballots safely. But the implementation of last-minute changes is straining politics and the capacity of local […]

A Pandemic Voter Guide For Ohio’s 2020 Primary

Ohio’s primary was moved to April 28 from its original date on March 17. The most important thing to remember about the date of Ohio’s rescheduled primary is April 27 — the day before the actual election date. That’s because most residents will be voting by mail, and those ballots must be postmarked by April […]

Coronavirus Takes A Terrible Toll On Ohio Valley Nursing Homes

The coronavirus is taking a terrible toll on nursing homes in the Ohio Valley. Well over a thousand residents and staff at nursing homes and long-term care facilities in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia have tested positive for coronavirus, and dozens have died from COVID-19.  Residents in these facilities are already more vulnerable, and in […]

Religious Leaders Adapt Holy Week, Passover Traditions To Pandemic

Pathway Baptist Church in west Kentucky is trying something a bit different from their usual service.  Pastor Mike Donald, standing on a makeshift stage in front of a giant outdoor movie screen, is surrounded by congregation members in cars, honking enthusiastically on just about his every word. It’s Sunday service, but at a drive-in movie […]

“We Belong to Each Other”: Appalachian Youth Build Support Amid Pandemic Uncertainty

On March 17, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam banned gatherings of 10 or more people to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Mekyah Davis, 23, was in his second week of a new job waiting tables at the cryptid-inspired Wood Booger Grill in Norton, Va. “That week, [my boss] cut the schedule,” Davis recounted. “Everybody only […]

Coronavirus Concerns Rise As Ohio Valley Meatpacking Workers Fall Sick

As the number of coronavirus cases surge across the country, some meatpacking facilities have been temporarily shuttered due to workers falling ill to the virus. Three workers in Georgia have even died. With workers at some Ohio Valley facilities now testing positive for the virus, worker safety advocates are raising concerns about how adequately workers […]

Unemployment Claims In Ohio Valley Surge Again, Up Another 355,000

Claims for unemployment insurance once again surged around the Ohio Valley as nearly 355,500 people in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia sought help last week amid the economic calamity caused by the coronavirus pandemic. That’s in addition to the roughly 400,000 unemployment claims from the three states the previous week. The graph below shows the […]